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Adding Sidebar In WordPress Theme

Adding a sidebar to a WordPress theme involves modifying the theme files and registering a new sidebar area using WordPress functions. Below are the general steps to add a sidebar in WordPress themes:

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WordPress Ajax login

To implement Ajax login in WordPress, you can follow these steps: 1. Open the theme’s functions.php file in your WordPress theme directory. 2. Add the

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How To Limit Search To Only Post Titles?

I added a text field to the posts filter form and I use s= parameter to make the search work. But how to search only in the title of the post (not in the content)? how to limit search to post titles? How to search only by Post Title?

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How To Add Sub Menu In WordPress Admin Panel

How to add sub-menu in WordPress admin panel – In this post we see how we can add custom sub-menu to admin sidebar. Sometimes when we on WordPress and we need to show some features or any information in admin page then we can use this code snippet to create the same.

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WooCommerce: Display Regular & Sale Price @ Cart Table

Learn how to enhance your WooCommerce cart table by displaying both the regular and sale prices. Implement this functionality using WordPress hooks and filters to provide clear and appealing pricing information to your customers, encouraging sales and improving the shopping experience.

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